What is a UV filter? 6 best uv filter you can buy right now.

There are so many people ask me” you are using a DSLR and not using a UV filter” and also while buying a new DSLR the shopkeeper also recommends us to buy a UV filter for your camera.


What is a UV filter? 6 best uv filter you can buy right now.

So, what the heck is this UV filter? Where to buy it? how many types of uv filter available in the market?

there are so many questions are there regarding the UV filter. And lucky you! you are here at the right place to know everything about UV filter and where you can buy some.

First of all, 

what is UV filter?

UV filter – Ultraviolet protector filter.

Uv filter as the name says it’s pretty self-explanatory. A filter that protects, DSLR lens from the ultraviolet rays. like, a sunscreen protects our body from the ultraviolet rays.

The uv filter also protect the lens from getting scratch and dust.

So, where you can buy the best uv filter for camera lens?

To confuse you there are hundreds of places are there where you can buy a UV filter. But wait a minute, there are many chances of you’ll end up buying duplicate product. Which have only glass and that might not fit properly with you Dslr lens.

But don’t worry as we promised you that we will help you buying the best uv filter for your camera lens.

so, here is some recommend uv filters you can buy (with pro & cons)

1.Gobe UV 58mm Japan optics coated ultra-violet filter

Gobe 58 mm uv filter


Gobe UV 58mm UV filter has 16 layers of resistant coating. It has dust resistant, Oil resistant, and water repellent.

  • Rim profile
  • Japanese optic glass
  • 16 layers of coating technology


  • Its available in different size


  • May fog up under humid conditions


2. Hoya 58mm PRO1 digital UV glass filter

Hoya 58mm PRO1 digital UV glass filter


It absorbs ultraviolet rays to produce crisp, clear photographs. It also helps you protect your lens from frontal scratches & dust.

It is best to fit for 58 millimeters.

  • Low profile frame
  • Digital multi-coated
  • Black almighty frame


  • It reduces the glare reflection
  • help to reduce UV light


  • The Coating may eliminate from the glass


3.Nisi Pro 52mm multi-coated UV filters:

Nisi Pro 52mm multi-coated UV filters:


The filter blocks ultraviolet rays, which adversely affect both B & W and color films.

BAF – Black matt aluminum satin finish frame reduces reflection.

Digital multi-coated filters significantly reduce lens flare & ghosting caused reflection.

features –

  • ultra-thin frame design
  • 12 layers (6+6) & reflective multi-coating
  • High transmission & ultra-low reflectivity.
  •  Japanese glass
  • Superfine -frosted filter mount.


  • Friendly budget UV filter

  • 12 layers multicoated filter


  • None


4.AmazonBasics UV protection lens(budget filter)

AmazonBasics UV protection lens



UV filters help your camera lens from UV rays. This UV filter is a 77mm. It can fit with any wide-angle lens. Amazon basics uv protection lens is one of affordable option in this list.

  • 77mm in diameter
  • Ultra-slim profile
  • UV protection filter
  • budget-friendly


  • Keeps the lens safe from dirt and dust
  • Available in different sizes
  • ideal for outer photography


  • none





The Kodak UV filter prevent the most UV light from entering the lens. With the help of 16 layers of multi-coated anti-reflective filter. It’s 52mm 2 layers UV filter.

The premium optical glass absorbs the UV rays which often makes outdoor photography unclear. It’s a friendly budget UV filter.


  • Available in different size
  • Best for outdoor photography
  • 16 layers coated


  • NONE


6.Tiffen 58mm UV protection filter 

Tiffen 58mm UV protection filter


This UV protection filter protects the lens and removes the ultramarines in photographs. It also do the primary duty of a UV filter lens like protecting lens from getting scratch and damage. It comes with multi-coating surpass even military specification for hardness & durability.

This filter comes with a warranty.  that ensures you can use this filter without any tension.


  • Very good material
  • Comes with warranty


  • None


There are so many options that are there for UV filters in the market. All the recommendations are tested by us. it’s up to you what you choose

N.B. – UV filter add micro effect to your photos

But new model DSLR are coming with the UV & IR sensor added

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